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About Us
The story of Bugstuff begins in the spring of 1969, when owner and founder Jack Rymarchyk opened a kit car magazine and read an article titled, "Change Your Volkswagen Bug into a Ford GT Style Sports Car in One Weekend."

Jack thought the idea sound great, and so he got to work, armed only with a set of metric tools and basic automotive knowledge – and the help of his father, a mechanic and bodyman. A summer of working at the nearby steel mill provided the necessary funds, which were saved up to make the purchase.

Six months after making the purchase, the kit - billed as "easy to assemble in one weekend" - was not happening, and the Ford GT40 kit car remained in pieces. However, Jack had picked up a great deal about the mechanics of Volkswagens, learning skills from assembling and disassembling a Volkswagen Chassis numerous times.

By this point, Jack's life had changed as he was attending college, with plans to marry. Around this time, Jack was by asked a classmate to change the rear brakes on his Volkswagen Bug. He did the job for 50 cents, and this essentially marked Bugstuff's birth.

Bugstuff began in a small college town, and most of the students were driving the economical Volkswagens, meaning a large customer base. Word soon spread to a small West Brownsville, Pa. grange, which was the hub in the local areas for Volkswagen repairs. Jack focused on taking care of the needs of the customers with good prices and outstanding service. Business was very good, and Jack was able to work his way through college. Upon graduation, the business had grown to the point that Jack was able to make his part-time job a full-time profession.

In addition to his foray into automobiles repairs, Jack always had an interest in racing and in the early 1970s, he built a Manx-style drag buggy racing throughout the Northeast. He won the East Coast Championship in the fall of 1972, and racing continued to be a driving force for Bugstuff. To keep the business going, Jack started to develop new and innovative products.

The repair business continued to succeed, but experienced a small setback in the 1980s when Jack was suffered a severe hand injury. As the hand's use was in question, Jack put his efforts into selling Volkswagen parts. There was demand for off-road tube chassis' and fiberglass seats, but not an adequate supply. Jack made the decision to manufacture his own line of tubing products under the name "Glassworks Fiberglass." This new venture grew rapidly, making over 300 parts, including a one-piece fiberglass Bug body, as well as a Bug drag racing tubular chassis, baja kits and fiberglass seat shells. Jack supplied these products to East Coast wholesale and retails accounts including Warshowsky and JC Whitney.

A devastating fire in July 1992 destroyed the manufacturing facility. These were difficult times, as there was no insurance and a loss of 60% of the income-making capabilities meant the business was nearly bankrupt. This forced Jack to streamline the business to become more efficient. The bills were paid gradually, the manufacturing facility was slowly rebuilt and Bugstuff continued to stay in business.

Since then, the business has rebounded. In addition to provide top-notch VW restorations, Bugstuff has focused on supplying Volkswagen parts and service, and offering a wide selection of Volkswagens products to the retail customers. These products are displayed at various Volkswagen shows, where the Bugstuff trailer is prominently displayed.

Jack's main focus has and always will be to give the customer the best service and selection of Volkswagen-related products. Bugstuff is able to do this by providing a toll-free 1-800 number, and now a Web Store. If you call to place your order, you will more than likely get Jack on the phone. With over 40 years of experience, he will give you knowledgeable, quick, courteous service to which you are accustomed.