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1700lb Multi-Finger Racing Clutch,E&L, Stage 1
1700lb Multi-Finger Racing Clutch,E&L, Stage 1


Totally new multi-finger clutches-NOT built from cores! This new
design will give clutches from Kennedy Engineered Products even
more reliability and performance and will enhance their reputation
for high quality. Balanced within 0.4 oz inch. 100% load tested and
jig assembled. Contact face is high tensile cast iron alloy for strength
and stability. Available in 1700 lb., 2100 lb., 2600 lb. and 3000 lb.
Early style throwout plate can be removed to convert clutch to late
style. For engines with 200 plus H.P. the 2600 lb. is recommended.
Engines under 200 H.P. can use the 1700 lb. or 2100 lb.

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